Being one of the leading staffing agencies for the countries in the gulf region, we are aware of the important role which we can play in easing the undue stress on the human resources department of our client companies. Thus, we employ the best practices to ensure that only those prospects that meet the specific requirements get hired by virtue of our manpower recruitment services.

For simplifying matters in connection with spotting the talented individuals across India, we have a streamlined structure wherein our agents identify the best professionals out of the talent pool available in the country. Thereafter, we screen them at Aisha Test Centre – a critically acclaimed test centre in the countries wherein we offer our services. We do so to filter the best candidates for enlistment in the business organisations of our clients.

The candidates who qualify based on their performance in the subsequent rounds of interview get the opportunity to work in the companies of the subscribers of our services. By following this procedure, we, at Samreen International, meet both qualitative and quantitative requirements of our clients.